Leverage for the Little Guy™

The big guys have engineers and IT specialists on staff to cut costs, improve operations, solve problems, eliminate frustrations, and just plain win.

Cantucky brings those competitive advantages to the little guy.

Web Design

Service you can count on from a neighbor in Washington County.

Computer Guy

Help, training, advice. Now.
Phone, email, in person.

24/7 Emergency Service

Web site broken? Email problems?
Call 1-800-721-ALEX

Industrial & Farm

Monitor, log, alarm, track.
Discover problems before they become disasters.

Custom Software

Find needles in haystacks.
Eliminate inaccuracy, waste, delay, frustration.

Serving Washington County

Hi. I’m Alex Matan and I started Cantucky to provide Leverage for the Little Guy™.

I have a BASc in electrical engineering, taught high school computer engineering in Canada for over a decade, and have been building web sites since 1995.

I married Teresa Wheeler and she eventually took me home to Washington County. It’s like I won the lottery twice.

Web Design

Design, hosting, email, customization, updates, troubleshooting, domain names, e-commerce, SEO, SSL, SQL…

You name it (even if you don’t know what it’s called) – I’ll make it happen for you. I replace the jargon and complications with someone you can call or email and have it taken care of.

From basic and findable to fancy and fantastic, I’ll work with your budget and business needs. Call or email me to get started.

Computer Guy

When you just need a computer whiz right now, I’m here to help.

  • Support, training, advice, help desk, troubleshooting
  • Excel, Access, & SQL database programming, ninja skills
  • Backups, security, disaster recovery planning
  • Quickly figuring out software so you don’t have to
  • Researching & setting up new software and systems to improve your operations
  • If you are doing anything repetitive on a computer, I can make the computer do it for you instead.

I studied electrical engineering and build my own software and electronics, so I know both how they work and how their inventors think. This makes it a lot easier to diagnose and fix things that come up.

Call 859-636-0770 to see what I can do to make your day more awesome.

24/7 Emergency Service

Time to call 1-800-721-ALEX

Web site broken? Email problems? Computer acting or sounding weird? Call 1-800-721-ALEX right away. 

I can usually have you up and running again in a few minutes to a few hours. Or at least keep a problem from becoming a disaster.

It really helps if you have all of your logins and passwords for hosting, web site, email, and domain name in one place (several places, actually) before an emergency happens. Backups are important, too.

Industrial & Farm

AlarmsWouldn’t it be nice to know early if something is going wrong, long before it turns into an expensive disaster? Engine overheating? Fluid leaking? Animal escaping? Refrigeration system failing? A custom alarm system to monitor any physical condition and warn you by sight, sound, and phone can be built to fit your needs.

Monitoring – Shown here is a production display system created for the Ontario Pride Eggs grading facility (on subcontract for Automation Breakdown Solutions). It monitors PLCs and egg printers to display real-time production and fault information on screens mounted in the plant.

Call or email me to discuss your needs and get a no-obligation quote.

Custom Software Development

Custom software can be developed to solve problems specific to your organization.

Call or email me to discuss your needs and get a no-obligation quote.

Solar energy comparison tool
Off-grid solar system simulator