Banbury Grasslands

Website for premium direct-to-consumer beef farmer with online order form. SSL certificate installation. Theme color scheme modified to match branding.

Solar Energy Potential Analysis Tool

This system conveniently graphically displays the average monthly solar radiation at various US locations for various solar panel arrangements. It can also display average weather data. This is particularly useful for those contemplating installation of grid-tied solar power systems in figuring out the amount of power that can be produced.

Low-Cost Credit Card Donations of Custom/Variable Amount Using Shopify

Shopify can be used as a donor-friendly alternative to Paypal to accept online credit card donations, but it has been a challenge to accept custom/variable amounts where the donor types in the desired dollar amount rather than selects from a menu of fixed amounts. But it is possible to do so with a Cantucky Can-Do attitude.

No-Fee Interac e-Transfer Donation System

Applicable to smaller Canadian charities or non-profit groups that wish to receive secure, low-fee Interac donations from site visitors while still being able to collect donor information (email & mailing addresses, phone number) that a normal Interac email transfer does not provide.

Jason White Piano

Website for professional musician. Theme modifications. Paid MP3 download system using Paypal was implemented but not publicly launched.