Low-Cost Credit Card Donations of Custom/Variable Amount Using Shopify

Client: A Canadian political party
Industry: Non-Profit
Software: WordPress

Shopify can be used as a donor-friendly alternative to Paypal to accept online credit card donations, but it has been a challenge to accept custom/variable amounts where the donor types in the desired dollar amount rather than selects from a menu of fixed amounts. But it is possible to do so with a Cantucky Can-Do attitude.

The lowest price Shopify Lite plan is only USD $9/month + 2.9%/sales + 30¢/transaction and can work well as a payment processor for entities that have a website or use Facebook.

In some cases, an off-the-shelf donation system will better serve your organization’s needs (donation volume, record-keeping requirements, communication channels). I will investigate all options for you to find a method that works well for both you and your donors.

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