Alex Matan, Computer Consultant, Cantucky

"How can I make your day more awesome?"

Hi there. My name is Alex Matan and I would like to make your problems go away. Frustrations. Bills that are bigger than they need to be. Boring and error-prone repetition. Catastrophic failures that can be avoided or mitigated. Lost opportunities.

Not just computer problems, but other problems that might be resolved using clever technology or even some slight adjustments. It starts with me asking a few questions, and I don't charge for that.

You probably have a few questions yourself, such as:

My customers don't go elsewhere. They retire.

  • Automation Breakdown Solutions - Subcontractor for industrial automation work since 2018.
  • Ontario Shorthorn Association - Website content updates and hosting since 2016.
  • Hammer Hoppers - Website hosting and included tech support since 2011.
  • The Jazz Room - The event calendar and season pass sales systems I implemented are still in prominent use after five years.
  • Citrus Studios - Subcontractor for numerous small business website and e-commerce projects since 2006.

Yes, yes, and I'll let you know as soon as possible.

I graduated from the top engineering school in Canada. A lot older and a little wiser, I have a good sense of when something is beyond my capabilities and it is best to bring in outside help, graciously decline the project, and/or refer you elsewhere. I respect your time, money, reputation, and assets.

Here's my educational alphabet soup recipe (verify here):

  • B.A.Sc., Electrical Engineering (Waterloo)
  • B.A., Liberal Arts (Waterloo)
  • B.Ed., Primary/Junior Education (Nipissing)

And since everybody needs a hobby, why not dabble in electromagnetic wave propagation?

  • Certified Fiber Optic Technician (FOA CFOT) course (2011)
  • FCC Amateur Extra (highest level) amateur radio licence (callsign N4BN)

My clients tend to either be friends or become my friends, so I guess that speaks to how I operate.

Having taught high school computer engineering for more than a decade, I've had to work with many personalities, attitudes, and interesting behaviours.